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The Scene

The Scene is in a great location for dining and recreation! There are great restaurants and bars in the surrounding area. For quick, convenient meals near home, you can stop by Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, Cook Out, Krystal, or Waffle House which are all within a mile! If you are looking for peace and quiet, checkout The Riverfront Trail along The Flint River. There is a lot to love when you live at #TheScene.

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The Scene at Sand Hill

Tips for Moving Out

One minute you are moving into your apartment, the next your lease is almost up! When it is finally time to pack your things and go, move-out day can seem to be one long and stressful […] ...

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Summer Bucket List after Graduation

It is time to celebrate! We are so excited to congratulate all 2021 graduates for their years of dedication and hard work while pursuing their degrees. Receiving a college degree is a remarkable milestone, and it […] ...

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Easing Back Into Your Social Life

Let’s face it, it’s been a weird year…and a half. We are all excited about getting back into social habits and visiting with friends. But going from couch potato to life of the party can make […] ...

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Moving Away from Home for the First Time?

Now is a great time to start making financial decisions that can set you up for long term success. College is expensive and learning to budget and allocate money in different categories will help you track […] ...

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Get the Most Out of Your College Experience

It’s an exciting time as you get settled into your new home and prepare to start the Fall semester. Staying focused on your classes is important but finding the balance and having fun during your free […] ...

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